A good friend named Don Tsung said something the other day which stopped me in my tracks. Don loves taking pictures of his family, he also happens to be the proud owner of a Pclix XT. We're talking on the phone and he says "I love the Pclix, everytime I want to take family pictures I take the Pclix out of my camera bag and connect it to my camera." Now, I'm thinking, what does he have up his sleeve as far as time-lapse shooting and taking family pictures. He goes on to say "It's a great tool for photographing everyone at the same time without requiring someone take each and every picture." Get this, what Don does is simply program his Pclix XT to trigger his Nikon camera every 5 seconds, then he stands his whole family in front of the camera and lets the Pclix trigger his camera as many times as they wish. What a great idea! No more setting the camera's timer for each and every shot. Just strike a pose and presto the Pclix triggers the camera, another pose followed by another trigger, over and over again. Honestly, I have been selling these things for awhile now and never did this use cross my mind.

You can make the interval any length you wish, for Don 5 seconds seems to work best. For others different lighting situations you might have to use a flash. In that case make the trigger just a little longer than it takes your camera to recharge the flash, or longer if you wish. Brilliant! Thanks Don.