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This page is intended to offer a few extra tips when shooting Video with Canon 5D MkII, 5D MkIII, 7D or 60D cameras. You can of course use these same cameras to shoot time-lapse sequences using the Pclix XT, it's a piece of cake. Please read through our Still Shooting Tips, that page is a great reference for using your Canon Camera to shoot time-lapse sequences. We have a huge number of clients using Canon DSLR cameras for time-lapse shooting with great success. The tips below apply to shooting only Video.

We have produced a Video Demo showing how you can use the Pclix XT to start and stop video recording on the two Canon Cameras mentioned above. We also encourage you to read your Pclix XT User Manual to get a full understanding of the various features of the Pclix.

Again these tips ONLY apply if you are shooting Video with the supported Canon 5D MkII 7D or 60D cameras.

  • The Pclix XT has a Special Programming Setting (45) which allows you to configure your Pclix XT in seconds for Canon Video Recording. Simply follow the steps as listed on our Quick Canon Setup programming card which was included with your Pclix. There is also a full description of our Quick Canon Setup and all other programming settings for the Pclix XT in our latest Pclix XT User Manual 3.22. There is also our Pclix XT Programming Guide which can be used as a quick reference in the field which in point form details to to set the major features of the Pclix XT.
  • As recommended in our Video Demo we suggest that you always place the infrared LED directly overtop of the infrared receiver on your camera. By using 3 or 4 short pieces of quality black electrical tape hold the LED directly overtop and also ensure no other light is being seen by the infrared receiver. Depending upon your setup you might also secure the infrared trigger cable to your camera rig using a cable tie or two as extra precaution.
  • In order to start and stop recording remotely always ensure that your camera is in infrared remote and also in Liveview. Also that your Pclix XT has both grey dials set to zero and is turned on. This setup will allow your to manual start and stop recording with the simple push of the RED button. Upon the first push the camera will start recording and the Pclix XT will give you a red LED tally light which will stay lit until you push the button again to stop recording.
  • One major problem with shooting video on these Canon Cameras is the 4GB FAT 32 limit of the memory cards. Basically your camera will stop shooting once the 4GB limit is reached (about the 12 minute mark). Using the Pclix XT you can very easily have almost continuous recording (a couple of seconds will be missed for each clip recorded). When you use the Special Programming Setting (45) above two of the settings which are enabled give you a starting point for continuous recording. First, the Bulb function of the Pclix XT is turned ON and it's length is set to 11 minutes 30 seconds. Second, the length of User Interval 99 is set to 11 minutes 33 seconds. This means that if you set the dials of your Pclix XT to 99 and then turn it on (provided your camera is set to receive infrared triggers and is in Liveview) the following will happen. Upon start up of the Pclix XT it will instruct your camera to start recording, at the 11:30 mark another trigger will be sent to the camera which stops recording. Once the Pclix XT reaches it's interval length of 11:33 (3 seconds later) another trigger will be sent which starts recording again, and so on, and so on. Using this Pclix XT setting your camera will record video clips until the memory card is full. You have the ability to change both the Bulb Length and or the Interval Length if you wish (See your Pclix XT User Manual or Pclix XT Programming Guide more info). We have chosen to go 3 seconds between clips to be extra cautious however testing has proven that as little as 1 second between clips (using 5D MKII) works as well.
  • Our C-150 Extendible Infrared Cable can be extended up to 200 feet (we tested up to 200 feet, longer lengths could be possible) give or take. This is done using user supplied standard BNC video cable. Each C-150 cable has a BNC to BNC connector in the middle of the cable. You remove the BNC barrel holding both  halves together and then insert the length of BNC video cable you require.
  • Pclix XT comes with 2 x 1.375 inch Velcro Dots. These dots can be used to mount your Pclix anywhere. They are round so that the Pclix can be orientated to the angle which is best for your shooting situation. If you require extra Velcro dots they can easily be found on ebay in small quantities.

If you have further questions about our products please contact us anytime at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us in Toronto, Canada at 1-416-948-3081. Happy Shooting.

Paul Cormack - Pclix - www.pclix.com

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