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Pclix Testimonials

"What a great little product. Thanks so much."

John McDonald, Boston, USA


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There is nothing better than word of mouth advertising. Thank You!

We've received so many positive comments from our clients it's hard to keep track. Below is a small sampling. We encourage you to check us out on the web by searching "Pclix" using one of the major search engines and see what you can find. If you have any further questions about our products, client service or time-lapse in general please contact us anytime.

"It's Genius..."

Not only is Pclix the best and most versatile timelapse device on the market, I can now control the video start and stop on my 5D MK II without holding up the shoot while I get out of the camera car or run to the front of the crane to start and stop.. It's genius.. Thank you Pclix!

Justin Marx, Miami, Florida, USA

"Your wonderful creation arrived this morning and I've been running tests - it works like a dream!"

Joe Mehling, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA

"Well done and thank you..."
"I received the Pclix XT today and was instantly impressed by the packaging alone. I have been in film and visual effects for many years and always appreciate a well thought out and easy to use product, you have more than accomplished both of those. The intervalometer worked right out of the box and with only spending maybe three minutes reading the manual. We just tried an intervalometer from your competition and had just the opposite experience. Well done and thank you for a tremendous tool for an upcoming film project, we are looking forward to using it."
Jerry Hogrewe, Ponds Films, California, USA
"I will recommend you to anyone..."
My order has just arrived and it only took five days to arrive from Canada. I'm impressed. Anyway, I'm even more impressed by the Pclix XT which works brilliantly, and the fact that you supplied the batteries as well and the little laminated programming reference card. Thank you so much for a wonderful shopping experience, people like you are hard to find these days! I will recommend you to anyone interested in time-lapse photography that I know and I will have great fun using the Pclix XT.
Tomaz Zajelsnik, Slovenia
"I was amazed at how easy I was able..."
"The first time I used the Pclix, I was amazed at how easily I was able to program it. I have set it using several different interval settings and found it to be consistent and reliable. Although I didn't think of doing it originally, I have also used it as a remote trigger. Great Product and excellent value. Kudos."
Gerrie Burnett, Photographer, Maui, Hawaii, USA
"a real bonus is its remote control..."
"Though I'm discovering more and more uses for the Pclix' timelapse and unattended shooting features, a real bonus is its remote control abilities. In High Dynamic Range photography, a number of different exposures are made of the same scene and combined into a final photo with huge tonal detail from highlights to shadows. If the camera position is out by even a few pixels, the results are really compromised. With the camera set to mirror lockup and using Pclix as a remote release, the camera is prevented from moving even the slight amount that finger pressure on a shutter button causes."
"The result: a significant, visible improvement in picture quality."
Hal Swann, Commercial Photographer, Toronto, Canada
"an amazing device..."

"The Pclix XT is an amazing device, using it along with my Nikon D90 I'm able to create magical visuals that leave my clients breathless."

Michael Szucs, Commercial Director & Cinematographer, Miami, Florida

Thanks for making a great product.

Ryan Mason, Florida

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