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A few months ago we opened up the hood of the original Pclix LT and installed a Turbo Charger of sorts. In doing so most of the software was re-written from the ground up. This allowed for a more efficient operation and loads more features. We've listened to our users and added many of your ideas and wishes plus we've thrown in a few of our own.

Our Pclix XT Kit

Now that everything's bolted back together we wanted to distinguish this new software from the original Pclix LT. So, as of today we have given birth to the NEW Pclix XT Kit. It's available immediately in our Online Store at the amazing price of $150 USD and includes everything pictured here. Depending upon your camera model you will also require a Camera Control Cable. Check under our Camera Compatibility Menu to see if your camera is supported and if so which cable is right for you.


Keep reading, it gets better!

The New Pclix XT has retained all the same great features of the Original Pclix LT. There is of course support for dozens and dozens of Digital Still Cameras, Users Definable Intervals, Bulb Shooting, Image Count, Delayed Start, Split Second Shooting and much more.

So what's been added to New Pclix XT?

First off, you can now trigger one of hundreds of different Video Cameras to shoot still images or to start and stop recording. Using the Enhanced Bulb Function of the Pclix XT you can even instruct your video camera to shoot video clips at regular intervals. To learn more about triggering Video Cameras using the Pclix XT check out our Video Camera Control page. We've added even more digital still cameras including ones from Sony and Samsung plus extra user preferences to give the Pclix XT more flexibility. See our Still Camera Control page for more information.

The Canon 5D MkII, 7D and 60D now can be remotely triggered to start and stop recording. This is HUGE for filmmakers using these Canon cameras in all kinds of shooting situations. Mount your camera on the long end of a camera crane, at the bottom of a well, on the nose of a helicopter plus anywhere in between. With the Pclix XT you can then with the push of a button remotely start and stop your Canon camera recording. Using Pclix XT and our C-150 Extendible Infrared Cable plus a length of standard BNC video cable your camera can be triggered up to 200 feet away. Click here for a demo.

To the thousands of Pclix LT owners who have supported us over the years we say Thank You. For you folks all the amazing features of the new Pclix XT can be added to your original Pclix LT. Click here for more information about our Pclix LT/XT Upgrade Kit.

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