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Every Pclix XT comes straight out of the box with loads of features built right in. Below is a brief explanation of each one including their variables which can be set by you. Please see our Pclix XT User Manual 3.22 for a full explanation of all features. It's worth mentioning right off the top that all the proper Infrared Trigger codes for hundreds of cameras is built in, there's no need to purchase separate cables or modules if you want to trigger different digital still cameras or digital video cameras using Infrared Light.

Pclix XT Feature Set:

  • Built in Infrared Coding - Pclix XT has all the Infrared Codes built right in for every camera we support using infrared triggering. Hundreds of different camera models can be triggered using Pclix XT. This includes Digital Still Cameras, Digital Video Cameras and Canon DSLR Video Recording.
  • User Programmable Intervals - Pclix XT allows you to save 10 custom interval lengths into Flash Memory. Each one can be between 1 second and 100 hours in length.
  • Split Second Mode - With the Pclix XT you can set an interval in tenths of a second if your interval is under 10 seconds. You can even have an interval under 1 second when using Split Second Mode. For example: 0.7 seconds, 2.5 seconds, 5.5 seconds, 1.4 seconds, etc, etc.
  • Bulb Option - The Bulb option on the Pclix XT allows you to trigger your camera to keep the shutter open for up to 1 hour. It also can be used to trigger a video camera or supported Canon DSLR to record a video clip up to 1 hour in length. 
  • Image Count Option - Pclix XT can be set to trigger your camera a given number of times, any number between 1 and 9,999 triggers can be sent to your camera. If you leave the Image Count Option set to OFF then there is no upper limit to the number of triggers which can be sent to your camera.  
  • Start Delay Option - Pclix XT can be set to wait a given length of time before it starts sending triggers to your camera. This option if set to ON can delay shooting anywhere between 1 second and 100 hours.
  • Variable Shutter Length - Pclix XT allows the user to change the length of time the shutter is held down for each trigger. This is very useful when shooting with very fast cameras if the interval is below 1 second. 
  • Interval Warning - Pclix XT will let you know a trigger is about to be sent to your camera if your interval is longer than 1 minute. The Warning Length can be set by you to anything between 1 to 59 seconds.
  • Built to Last - Pclix XT is designed to tough standards. The case is Scratch Resistant UL94-HB Plastic. The label is reverse printed onto scratch resistant Lexan. We don't recommend you throw your Pclix around, however if you do it can take a licking. We have done extensive drop testing of the Pclix. With a drop of 20 feet onto pavement our test units continued to function properly (Please do not try this yourself). 
  • 2 Year Warrantee - That's right, 2 years. If your Pclix XT, cable or other accessories fail under normal operating conditions please let us know and we'll put things right. We offer outstanding customer support and service to each and every one of our clients.
  • Extremely Long Battery Life - Pclix XT runs on 2 x AAA batteries and will function for at least a month, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with a trigger being sent to your camera every 2 seconds. We do offer a few external Power Accessories in our online store should you require longer power solutions.

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