What's great about the Pclix XT and Canon 5D MkII, 5D MkIII, 7D, 60D, T2i or T3i combination?

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Canon_7D canon-60d
Canon 5DMKII Canon 7D   Canon 60D

These days thousands and thousands of Cinematographers the world over are using their Canon 5DMkII, 5D MkIII, 7D, 60D, T2i or T3i to shoot all kinds of video projects at 1080P. Quite often these cameras are on the long end of a jib arm or a crane, mounted on the nose of a helicopter, the hood of a car or another hard to reach location. The last thing you want to do after you've framed the shot on the crane is bring the camera to the ground just to start recording. This is one huge drawback to using these cameras to shoot video. They are not the easiest cameras to be remotely started and stopped recording video. They also have no built in ability to shoot time-lapse sequences. With the New Pclix XT you can now do both, start and stop recording plus trigger your camera to take stills at whatever interval you choose. There are many other Features of the Pclix XT which expand upon remote recording and time-lapse shooting. Firstly though, a little information on how it's done.

These Canon cameras can be remotely triggered two different ways, one with a remote trigger cable connected to the N3 connector on the camera, the other by sending Infrared Light to the built in Infrared receiver on the camera. However, due to limitations of these cameras Infrared Light can ONLY be used to start and stop recording. The Pclix XT has the ability to trigger the above Canon cameras built right in along with dozens of other cameras as well. In fact you can do two different types of triggering using Infrared Light with these Canon Cameras. Firstly you can trigger the camera to take a still or trigger the camera to take a still with a 2 second delay. If your camera is in "live view" and also set to "remote" then a 2 second delay trigger sent from the Pclix XT to your camera will start it recording, when the camera gets the next 2 second delay trigger it'll stop recording. It's that simple.

Canon_RC1 Canon_RC6

The Pclix XT does this by emulating the RC-1, RC-5 and RC-6 Canon Infrared Remotes pictured here, this allows the 5D MkII, 5D MkIII, 7D, 60D, T2i and T3i to be remotely started and stopped recording using the 2 second delay option. You can also remotely trigger your camera using Infrared Light to shoot a time-lapse sequence at whatever interval you choose.

We here at Pclix have produced a short Video Demo which explains in simple to understand language the basic setup and control options the Pclix XT gives Canon DSLR video shooters.

Pclix XT/C-150 Extendible Cable Kit

Our Pclix XT/C-150 Extendible Cable Kit pictured to the right is available in our Pclix Online Store right now. Everything you need to remotely start and stop your Canon DSLR camera recording video or to shoot time-lapse sequences is included. We also sell the Pclix XT and C-150 separately. At $180 USD the Pclix XT/C-150 Kit is a great tool for every Canon DSLR Video shooter.   



Pclix XT Infrared Trigger Cables

For Canon DSLR video shooters we do recommend that you use our C-150 Extendible Cable pictured below. The C-150 can be extended up to 200 feet using standard user supplied BNC video cable. However we do offer two other Infrared Cables which are also compatible with all Pclix supported cameras triggered with Infrared Light. In addition, our C-100 Infrared cable will trigger one camera, the C-200 is designed for triggering two cameras. All three cables are 1 meter (39 inches) in length. 

C-100_cable C-200_cable C-150_cable
C-100 Infrared Trigger Cable
$22 USD 
C-200 Double Infrared Trigger Cable $35 USD  C-150 Extendible Infrared Cable
$35 USD 


C-150 Extendible Trigger Cable Setup

This example uses a standard BNC video cable to extend the C-150 Infrared Trigger Cable. By doing so you can put your camera up to 200 feet away and then start and stop recording or shoot a time-lapse sequence. Our C-150 Extendible Infrared Cable includes a BNC male to male barrel connector allowing you to extend the cable or not.



The Pclix XT vs FLEX DSLR Remote

If you've used the Flex DSLR Remote you're going to LOVE the Pclix XT.

So, what does the extra $25 USD get you over the FLEX Remote? You'll be amazed!


Function FLEX DSLR Remote Pclix XT/C-150
Extendible Cable Package
Cost (USD) $155 USD $180 USD
Stop and Start Recording on
the Canon 5DMkII, 5D MkIII, 7D, 60D, T2i and T3i
Remote Length 12 inches 1 inch to 200 Feet
Long Battery Life YES YES
Recording Tally Light negative
Gooseneck Positioning *1 (See Below) list_check negative
Extensive Time-lapse Shooting negative
Delayed Start of Time-Lapse or Video Recording negative
Image/Clip Count - Program the number of triggers to be sent negative
Programmable Clip Length / Bulb Function negative
External Power Option negative list_check
Extensive Support for other Digital Still Cameras and Digital Video Cameras negative list_check
Continuous Recording *2 (See Below) negative list_check
Warranty 1 Year 2 Years


*1 - Honestly we are not big fans of the gooseneck positioning which is used by the FLEX DSLR. There is too much room for error from accidental moving of the infrared transmitter and light interference from other light sources including the sun.

*2 - The Pclix XT can be set to stop and re-start your camera recording just before the file size reaches the 4 GB FAT32 limit. (You will loose approx. 2 seconds of video due to the re-start of the camera) This can be very useful if your camera is unattended and you require continuous recording over and above the 12 minute / 4 GB limit.

From Wikipedia; Movie clips can be up to 4 GB in size, approximately 12 minutes of 16:9 HD (1920x1080) or 24 minutes of 4:3 SD (640x480) footage (depending on scene complexity). These limits stem from the 4 GB maximum file size supported by the FAT32 filesystem format used on Compact Flash cards. The camera also imposes a hard maximum clip length of 29 minutes 59 seconds if the 4 GB limit has not already been reached. 


You can easily order the Pclix XT or any of our other products from our online store. We'll ship your order as quickly as we can using your chosen shipping method. We accept Visa or Mastercard directly plus Paypal and all of their payment options.