If you have not already done so please read our Still Camera Information page for detailed info regarding the different triggering and cabling options for the Pclix XT and various digital still cameras.

Using the above compatibility chart select the make of your camera. You will then see listed the various camera models which are currently supported by the Pclix XT for the manufacturer you've selected. The camera models are organized by the Pclix XT camera control cable required in order to trigger a particular camera model.

If you own a Canon 5DMKII or Canon 7D then you're in luck. Basically these two cameras fall into their own category when it comes to shooting time-lapse and recording video. We have special webpages which deal with these two camera models specifically. For more information go here Canon 5DMKII and 7D Control

We also have external power options to keep your Pclix XT running for years of need be.

Infrared triggering is also used to trigger the Canon 5DMKII and 7D to start and stop recording or to shoot stills. Note: The Canon 5DMKII and 7D can also use our C-320 Camera Control Cable which is directly connected to the camera. However video recording can ONLY be started and stopped using infrared light.

The second category would be cables that are directly connected to the camera. Your camera MUST have a remote connector in order to use one of these cables. Many manufactures use proprietary connectors which means you can't use common connectors in most cases. All our cables have built in electronic protection so your camera nor the Pclix will be damaged when they are connected together. 

Another general rule is this. If your camera can be triggered using both Infrared or a directly connected Camera Control Cable then we recommend using the Control Cable over Infrared (unless your are using the Canon 5DMKII or 7D for video recording).