Pclix XT Still Camera Compatibility and Information.

How does the Pclix XT trigger your digital still camera?

Basically if your still camera is one of the many which are supported by the Pclix XT then the Pclix will send a trigger to your camera at whatever interval you choose. Once your camera receives the trigger it will take an image. The Pclix XT has the ability to send a trigger using one of two different methods. The first is by connecting one of our camera control cables between your camera's remote connector and the Pclix XT. Our cables are generally between 3 and 4 feet in length and vary in cost between $25 to $35 USD depending upon your camera model. Below are 3 examples of the many cables which we manufacture. There are others of course and all are listed on our Still Camera Compatibility page.

C-300_cable C-320_cable C-90_Nikon

C-300 Canon Control Cable

C-320 Canon Control Cable

C-90 Canon Control Cable

The second method is by using Infrared Light. Many cameras have the ability to be triggered using infrared light, this feature is normally intended to allow people to take pictures of themselves. Cameras which have Infrared triggering built in have an infrared receiver on the front side of the camera usually above and to one side of the lens. As a general rule Infrared triggering works with a small handful of older point and shoot cameras, some older DSLRs, many newer DSLRs and almost all Supported Video Cameras.

Another general rule is this. If your camera can be triggered using both Infrared or a directly connected Camera Control Cable then we recommend using the Control Cable over Infrared. It is a solid connection where as infrared is not. For those who have no other choice but infrared than that of course is your only option.

Built into each and every Pclix XT are the proper Infrared Codes required to trigger cameras from Sony, Nikon, Canon, Sanyo, Olympus and others. All you have to do is tell the Pclix XT which supported camera you are wanting to trigger. Once set the Pclix XT will send out the proper infrared code for your camera model every time an image is to be taken. The Pclix XT can emulate the shutter button for the Infrared Remotes pictured below. In the case of the Sony RMT-DSLR1 and Canon RC-6 the Pclix XT can also emulate the 2 second shutter delay button.

Sony Canon Canon Nikon  Olympus Olympus   Sanyo Pentax  Pentax 
Olympus_RM-1 Pentax_remote pentax_W90_remote
RMT-DSLR1 RC-1, RC5, RC6 WL-DC100 ML-L3  RC-1  RC-2 BRC-C3  RC-E, RC-F  RC-WP 

If your camera model can be triggered using one of the above infrared remotes with the Pclix XT then there are a few other things you should know. Firstly, the Pclix XT has an infrared LED built into it's leading edge, this means that technically you do not require a camera control cable to trigger your camera. However because most cameras have their infrared receiver located on the same side of the camera as it's lens it would require that the Pclix XT be located in front of the camera so that it can "see" the infrared light when a trigger is sent from the Pclix XT. This is great if you are taking an image of yourself but extremely awkward if you are trying to shoot hundreds of time-lapse images. To combat this issue we have designed a couple of infrared camera control cables which are pictured below. Basically these cables allow you to locate the Pclix XT either below or behind your camera. The cables are a 1mm strand of optical fibre which carries the infrared light to the tip of the cable. The cables tip is then held in place directly overtop of the infrared receiver on your camera using a few short pieces of black electrical tape. Check our Still Camera Compatibility page to see if your still camera is supported by the Pclix XT.

C-100_cable C-150_cable C-200_cable
C-100 Infrared Cable C-150 Extendible Infrared Cable C-200 Double Infrared Cable


If you have any further questions about the Pclix XT or specific questions which are not answered here please contact us via email at support@pclix.com.