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Pclix XT Video Camera Compatibility and Control.

  Panasonic_HDC_SD5     Sanyo_VPC-HD2000
How does the Pclix XT trigger your Video Camera?

At this point in time the only way in which a Video Camera can be externally triggered is by using Infrared Light. Much like the way the Pclix XT can instruct a digital still camera to take an image using Infrared Light it can do the same thing with supported Video Cameras. The Pclix XT has built in Infrared Codes for all the Video Camera Remotes we support. Generally if a Video Camera can be triggered using Infrared Light then chances are really good that the manufacturer included an Infrared Remote with your camera when it was purchased. What most manufactures do is design their infrared remotes to work across a whole line of different cameras. For example, the Sony Infrared Remote model RMT-835 can trigger many different Sony Video Cameras. Sony has a few different Infrared Remotes which cover dozens and dozens of their Video Camera models. You can easily check if your Video Camera is supported by the Pclix XT by checking our Video Camera Compatibility page. 

How is it done? Watch the Video above to learn more.

The Pclix XT is intended to be used with Digital Video Cameras which save their images and video files to internal fixed or removable memory cards (We do not recommend cameras which record to videotape). In most cases the Pclix XT can trigger a Video Camera to do one of two things. The first is to take a still image. Most modern Video Cameras can be told to take a still image using either an infrared remote or with a button push right on the camera. The camera saves these images on it's memory card as a still image file. These files can then be transferred to your computer just as video files can be. The Pclix XT has the proper Infrared Codes to instruct a supported video camera to take a still.

Secondly the Pclix XT can instruct supported video cameras to start and stop video recording. Again this is done using infrared light by the Pclix XT exactly the same way it is done with the manufactures infrared remotes. However the Pclix XT has huge advantages over the basic remotes. Not only can you start and stop recording but you can also tell the the Pclix XT how long you want the shot to be. You can also use interval recording, this means for example the Pclix can instruct your Video Camera to shoot a 30 second video clip every 10 minutes and to then stop after 100 video clips have been recorded.

Basically the Pclix XT sends a trigger to your camera at whatever interval you choose using one of our Infrared Control Cables shown below. Cameras which can be triggered using Infrared LIght have an infrared receiver located on the camera body, generally this is located very close to the lens, usually above and to one side. On some video cameras the IR receiver is located on the flip-able LCD display, this allows you to have the receiver pointing towards the subject or the camera operator. The C-100 and C-200 cables below are fixed in length at around 1 meter (39 inches). At one end the they are plugged into the Pclix XT, the other is held in place overtop of the infrared receiver on your camera. Generally we recommend a few short pieces of black electrical tape to hold it in place. The tape is opaque so no external light interference can enter the IR receiver, plus the tape leaves no residue on your camera when removed.

The third cable pictured below is our C-150 Extendible Infrared Cable. This cable is again about 1 meter in length however it has a standard BNC video connector inline. Using user supplied standard BNC video cable you can extend the C-150 Infrared cable up to 200 feet away from the Pclix XT. We have a short video demonstrating this feature, click here to see it.

C-100_cable C-200_cable C-150_cable
C-100 Infrared Trigger Cable
$22 USD 
C-200 Double Infrared Trigger Cable
Used to trigger two cameras
$35 USD
C-150 Extendible Infrared Cable
(up to 200 feet)
$40 USD 

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