If you have not already done so please review our Video Camera Control page for detailed information regarding how the Pclix XT triggers Video Cameras and what cabling options are available.

Using the above compatibility chart select the make of your camera. You will then see the Infrared Remotes which are currently supported by the Pclix XT for the manufacturer you've selected. Because there are literally hundreds and hundreds of video cameras which can be triggered using infrared light it is a daunting task to list each and every video camera. We have instead opted to list the remotes which are supported and then leave it up to you to determine if your camera can be triggered using one of them. A good place to start is by checking which remote if any came with your video camera. Also read through your video camera's manual for information regarding infrared remote triggering of your camera model. The Pclix XT can emulate both the Photo and Record Start/Stop buttons for all the remotes listed in the above chart except where (*) noted.

If you own a Canon 5DMKII or Canon 7D and are shooting video with these camera model then you are in luck. Basically these two cameras fall into their own category when it comes to shooting time-lapse and recording video. We have special webpages which deal with these two camera models specifically. For more information go here Canon 5DMKII and 7D Control.